Penya vermut

At Penya Vermut we facilitate conversation, build relationships, and sponsor each other interest as well as self-expression. We focus on building strong communities. Jaume, defines community as 5 pillars: (a) build a network of trust between members, (b) sharing a common space for creation and intellectual development, (c) knowledge transfer ecosystem where experiences and excellence is being shared, (d) neighbourhood wide support net for open dialogue, conversation, debate and self-expression – just be who you are, and (5) foster empowerment and emancipation from cancel culture, as well as facilitate freedom of thought.

Jaume Morapedros, Penya Vermut lead, is an economist and data strategist, as well as social entrepreneur with great passion for arts, music and literature. He is also a strong believer of the magnificent benefits of cohesive and meaningful communities.

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Arts & Crafts

Coffee Island

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The Poetry Mix

Third Thursday of the month

Matthews Yard



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PenyaVermut annual membership — £240