Sofía Pomeroy Fernández

Sofia Pomeroy is a dancer and choreographer, currently based in London. Born in Spain, the daughter of a Spanish mother and English father, Sofia lived in Canada, Estonia, the USA, and Germany before arriving in London. With more than 5 years of experience in teaching all ages, and working as a professional dancer, Sofia wants to spread Contemporary Dance and give access for everyone to enjoy this dance style. After graduating in Psychology (BA) in Madrid, Sofia went to New York and changed her career to dance. Later on, she graduated in Dance Performance and Dance Pedagogy in Munich, and now she continues her career here in London with an MA in Choreography at Trinity Laban. With the influence of Psychology and Dance Movement Therapy, Sofia will enhance creative movement - allowing each individual to find their own movement - and will integrate contemporary dance techniques into the student’s physical language.

Noel Yawo Dossavi

Mawulikplimi Dossavi, aka Noel, is a percussionist from West Africa and based in Croydon, UK. For over 10 years he has been performing with music bands, drama groups, and dancers in West Africa and in London. Additionally Noel has over 5 years of experience teaching African drums in schools, in groups, and on 1-to-1 with children and adults. The biggest strengths are the ability to handle easily any instrument, and to keep the rhythm and the groove going. I enjoy playing on various rhythms, such as Jazz, Afrobeat, Blues, etc. The Workshop Fun and educational African drum classes for children and their parents! Are you looking for a new activity for your child to socialise and learn musical skills? Join our weekly African drum classes where your little one will learn to play the djembe: a traditional drum from West Africa. In this workshop, children will learn traditional rhythms and traditional songs. They will discover African music instruments, drumming sounds, and beat. Drums are provided but if you have one at home, you can bring one!

Bianca De Maio

Is an Italian artist based in London. She practices painting and also uses mixed techniques, as well as printing techniques. Since graduating she has worked in Italy as an artist and at the same time has achieved several qualifications in teaching. After moving to London in 2018, Bianca has increased her experience as a teacher in drawing and painting techniques, acquiring the ability to work with people of all ages, and using a methodology based on the combination of technical and theoretical knowledge, aimed at developing the individual creativity. Bianca is always careful to create a safe and stimulating environment to allow students of all ages to use art as a tool for knowledge and personal expression. Bianca’s art classes The tutor will encourage students to follow their imagination while learning art techniques, in small interactive group classes, where everyone will receive guidance and one to one feedback. Through a series of creative and playful experiences, the younger students will experience: - Exploration of the visual field through the gesture - Recognition and use of shapes - Experimentation with the graphic sign, different textures and materials - Expressive and psychological qualities of colours. According to age, the students will be introduced to the drawing techniques and the creative possibilities of paint. Consequentially, each painting course can be considered as a component into a long-term progressive programme of study.

Natalia Baryshovets

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Daniel Vethamony

Hi Everyone, My name's Danny I'm an educator and artist from South London. Here's a little about me, I've been in education for a number years either in teaching or support roles. I love what I do, as it's ultimately rewarding to make a difference to people lives though education. My passions are making all types of art and giving something back to local communities. I've successfully managed to put the two together and co form 'The Poetry Mix' a community performing arts open mic - based at multiple venues. I've been lucky to partner with my dear friend and colleague Jaume. What I plan to do is expand several creative workshops within our communities, for children and adults. Bringing my talents in story telling, creative writing and the visual arts. Thank you for supporting Penya Vermut and The Poetry Mix

Eva R. Moya

ha impartido clases de español en distintas partes de Europa antes de llegar a Londres, donde ha trabajado durante más de doce años como profesora de secundaria y coordinadora de español en escuelas primarias. En septiembre de 2020 se unió a Communitas Education Trust y enseña español en cuatro escuelas de primaria en Lewisham y Souhtwark. Su función es liderar y coordinar la enseñanza de español en las escuelas incluidas en el Trust y asegurarse de que tanto los alumnos como el personal docente estén inmersos en la lengua y cultura usando la lengua española como herramienta comunicativa. Asimismo, es examinadora oficial DELE (Instituto Cervantes) y colabora con la Consejería de Educación en Londres realizando talleres de formación para el profesorado de primaria y secundaria en Reino Unido. Eva R. Moya has taught Spanish in different parts of Europe before coming to London, where she has worked for more than twelve years as a Secondary school teacher and Spanish coordinator in primary schools. In September 2020 she joined the Communitas Education Trust and teaches Spanish in four primary schools in Lewisham and Southwark. Her role is to lead and coordinate the teaching of Spanish in the schools included in the Trust and to ensure that both students and teaching staff are immersed in the language and culture using the Spanish language as a communicative tool. Likewise, she is an official DELE examiner (Instituto Cervantes) and collaborates with the Ministry of Education in London organising workshops for Primary and Secondary teachers in the United Kingdom.

Alisha Ahmed

I am currently employed at Little Elms Daycare Nursery and Preschool in Greenwich and have been since September 2020. I am permanently based in the toddler room but throughout my years in the role I have had experience in the baby room and preschool room. I hold an enhanced DBS check. I am paediatric first aid trained. Some of my key responsibilities within my role are listed below: • Changing nappies and assisting with toilet training • Supervising meal times • Putting the children to sleep • Doing focus activities with the children to help them reach their developmental milestones and individual targets • To safeguard the children by following policies and procedures